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Kind of like falling in my dreams….

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I read a quote this morning on FB, “Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along.”

It really hit me in a visceral way.

In terms of how I do my life, I have often hit walls, challenges, monster mountains and have practiced the theory of “gotta have a breakdown to have a breakthrough” or even would remind myself that I have to “break myself down” in order to build myself up. But I never really have allowed myself to think that it would be ok to fall apart. I never really felt I could “trust” that if I allowed myself to fall apart, that all the myriad pieces of me wouldn’t just scatter, leaving me unable to scoop them all up and patch me together (like humpty dumpty).  

But when I read this quote, what I really got was that to truly be able to build the self I wish I had been along, to be free of my behaviors that I know get in my way, and to be free of those that I am not even aware of – a total paradigm shift – I can’t let fear stop me from falling apart – the potential gift on the other side is so compelling and necessary if I am truly committed to growth.

Kind of like falling in my dreams – where I always seem to trust that I will land safely and I do.


Author: vineyardhealthyliving

I have over 25 years of experience, including practicing life coach, certified personal fitness trainer, sales & business builder, hotel front office manager, & technology recruiter. I have devoted a lifetime to overcoming personal & professional obstacles, fears, limiting beliefs & economic down-times, & have successfully built several businesses: partnering in an IT placement firm, & running a personal fitness consulting firm. I know what challenges is. And know that each one of us already possesses all of the ingredients one needs to have a healthy & fulfilling life.

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