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Getting Real on Financial Wellbeing

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According to “Wellbeing: Five Essential Elements” by Tom Rath and Jim Harter, and their research they define Wellbeing as “the combination of our love for what we do each day, the quality of our relationships, the security of our finances, the vibrancy of our physical health, and the pride we take in what we have contributed to our communities.”

For most of my adult life, mine has been a journey of pursuing the physical, career, social and community wellbeing, but it wasn’t truly until just a few years ago, that I began to pursue financial well-being in earnest.  Up until I got married, I was truly in touch with my financial goals. I was the independent one in my family of 7 brothers and sisters – I insisted on striking it on my own, first moving to Boston to study dance (grew up in Maryland and at that point my sibs didn’t go out of state for college), then to San Francisco…..arriving with my steamer trunk – no job, no friends, just the address of the YWCA – a respectable residence hall for young women. But within 24 hours, I obtained a waitressing job, within 3 months my own studio apartment, and within 3 years, inspired by Dale Carnegie Sales Training, Napoleon Hill/Think and Grow Rich & my dog-eared copy of “Atlas Shrugged” I talked myself into an entry level headhunting job and catapulted forward into a lucrative profession.

But something happened not too long after that. I met my now husband, Ralf on a blind date, was engaged within a week, quit my job, let my studio go, packed up and moved back to Boston and was married within 3 months. Now there was nothing really wrong with any of this – I was totally in love (still am) and excited to move forward in my life. What was wrong, was that suddenly some deeply implanted “Cinderella Complex” /product of the 50’s/60’s mindset took over – since Ralf was already successful and financially doing well – a.) Why did I need to continue in my own financial pursuit and b.) And if I did, I couldn’t out do my husband – it’s not what wives did. Now I was not aware that I had thrown away all of my goals of growing both professionally and financially, in fact it wasn’t really until the crash of 2008, when I was the one who guided and took the lead, as we began to rebuild our financial lives. It took a financial crisis for my strong, internal girl-guidance to re-emerge (and getting clarity & confirmation from the work of Barbara Stanny) and now on a very clear, steady track of financial wellbeing.(Read

So, out of this, I realized that I have a strong desire to share my story, to guide, inspire & acknowledge other women who may have lost their way (or never even started on it), so I am now presenting Women and Wealth seminars (inspired by the Team Northrup Women and Wealth).

And in addition, am announcing my “Creating Financial Freedom – 2012 Mentoring Program”, If you have a molten-hot desire to free yourself up financially so you can create the life you know you’re destined for, then I will consider your application to my mentoring program.  What has been your journey to financial wellbeing?


Author: vineyardhealthyliving

I have over 25 years of experience, including practicing life coach, certified personal fitness trainer, sales & business builder, hotel front office manager, & technology recruiter. I have devoted a lifetime to overcoming personal & professional obstacles, fears, limiting beliefs & economic down-times, & have successfully built several businesses: partnering in an IT placement firm, & running a personal fitness consulting firm. I know what challenges is. And know that each one of us already possesses all of the ingredients one needs to have a healthy & fulfilling life.

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