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Embracing Wellbeing during the Holidays

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For me December has become a time of reflection, a time of turning to family and friends and appreciating all that they are to me and the difference they make in my life.

Because I can, I choose not to be part of the frenzy, the shopping craziness.  Instead I love to just breathe in the myriad ways that people decorate their homes and businesses. As I travel every day in my “commute” about the Island, I try to change up my route so that I can see something different. Occasionally, I find myself slowing down and even stopping for a moment to take in yet another well lit front yard, filled with every possible holiday inflatable.

In fact I think slowing down – becoming more mindful is fitting as each day becomes shorter and shorter as the Solstice draws nearer. This is the time I breathe a little more deeply and choose to be more aware of my breathing. This is a time of year I embrace the quiet of dawn with an early morning run. This is the time of year I look not to gorge, but rather to bless my food and acknowledge the difference that healthy eating and optimal nutrition has made in my life.

What one thing can/will you do to embrace your wellbeing during the holiday season?


Author: vineyardhealthyliving

I have over 25 years of experience, including practicing life coach, certified personal fitness trainer, sales & business builder, hotel front office manager, & technology recruiter. I have devoted a lifetime to overcoming personal & professional obstacles, fears, limiting beliefs & economic down-times, & have successfully built several businesses: partnering in an IT placement firm, & running a personal fitness consulting firm. I know what challenges is. And know that each one of us already possesses all of the ingredients one needs to have a healthy & fulfilling life.

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